Here at STINGER we embrace and utilize our relationships that have been developed and cultivated over the past 20 years in the surrounding business community. Founded by Frank Scheuer, STINGER is an independent strategic complement to your existing business efforts. Too often great business plans don’t reach their full potential because one key business element is lacking: marketing.

The term “marketing” often sends a shiver down a business owner’s spine, and sometimes rightfully so. Unfortunately, in today’s business world we often see marketing firms make empty promises and employ half hearted attempts to make your business “go viral”. That’s why we offer business solutions, not marketing ploys. Socrates once said, “the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new,” and that’s what STINGER does. We’re not here to offer you the same cookie cutter marketing solutions you’ve seen over and over again. We know that each and every business is unique, and as a result, we tailor our strategy to best suit your needs and maximize your potential for success.

We’re here to generate a buzz within your industry by utilizing our vast network of connections and social media expertise. We simply won’t be outworked, our goal is to create an organic buzz that inherently draws interest toward your business. Our proven approach to business solutions involves a four pronged attack that combines our experience in the growth and finance sector, our technological resources, our organizational development tactics and, finally, our creative solutions to elevate your business. When you work with STINGER, your success is our success.

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Michele Fulton